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A Detailed Guide To Severe Burn First Aid

severe burn first aid

Throughout one’s life, it is inevitable that one may live peacefully without a scar. From injection scars, to cuts, rashes and injuries we face many things in life. One of the scariest and life threatening is a burn. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any point of time and the affected can either escape it through sheer good fortune or remain bed ridden through the rest of their lives. To give you a brief and detailed version of keeping yourself ready with the precautions, here is what we have come to find out.

Handle Severe Burn First Aid


Burn can occur at different levels. Majorly they can be classified into two: Major and Minor. And as the name suggests, a major burn is the one that requires immediate medical attention and the victim must be on the way to the nearest burn unit within minutes of the damage. Usually, these are burns that burn more than three inches of the skin, have become charred and leather like and turned white, brown or black. One must not risk delaying their treatment even by a minute.

What is crucial here to know is that if you are near the person who got burned, you must firstly switch off the source of the fire or electricity before reaching out to the victim. Once that is done, you can proceed safely. If the person still has fire caught on their body, throw them on the ground or drop them and make them move all over the ground to put off the fire. Next step is to remove any piece of tight accessory like jewellery, belt, necklaces, bracelets, shoes etc.

Severe Burn First Aid Minor Burn

A close up of a fire

In case of minor burns that do not exceed more than three centimetre in dimension, you can let the part be washed with normal water or slightly cool water. If only the upper layer of the skin has been affected and has developed redness like a sunburn, wait it out and apply a burn ointment. You can get some over the counter medicines to treat the burn and the pain it causes.

Precautions While Dealing With A Burn

While treating or taking care of a burn, avoid washing the skin with cold water or throwing buckets of water in case of major burns. If you do this, there is a high risk of the body losing its normal body heat leading to severe problems. Don’t pull out clothes that have stuck to the burnt skin. In case of minor burns avoid scratching or disturbing the blister or rash.


In summation, one must ensure that the person is breathing normally in case of major burns. Watch out for all possible symptoms as you help the person feel at ease as much as possible till medical help comes in. Cut off any piece of burnt clothing but leave the ones that have stuck to the burnt skin.

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