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Burn Injury First Aid – How Do You Know If You Need Help


Burn injuries are the result of severe burns, resulting in discoloration and severe tissue loss. These burns occur when hot metal touches the human body. This is commonly known as a metal abrasion injury. It is more common in hot climates such as those found in hot states such as Arizona, Oklahoma, and Colorado. This article will teach the fundamentals of first aid for burns and traditional remedies that can be used instead of first aid treatments.

How Are Second And Third-Degree Burns?

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When second and third-degree burns occur, individuals must move slowly and use a cool compress until the pain has stopped and the affected area feels warm or comfortable. Many individuals responded to the advice of emergency room personnel and applied to burn first aid on their own, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If someone else experienced the same incident, they should also receive burn assistance from a professional. This will increase the chances of a faster recovery.

Remove Your Clothing

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One of the most common recommendations made following burn injury first aid is to remove clothing and accessories. A handful of individuals, including some law enforcement officials, removed the entire dress of the victim. Others removed everything except for the bandages. According to responders, this method was sometimes effective. However, it didn’t always work for everyone because it sometimes left open wounds that remained visible.

Approximately half of those asked participated in a procedure called “rubbing the burns.” Those who participated in this procedure simply rubbed the area with white-hot water, petroleum jelly, or peroxide-based products. Those who used natural oatmeal-based products reported minimal discomfort and no burning sensations. The oatmeal was rubbed into the area of the burns twice a day for approximately five minutes.

Hot Liquids Cause Burn Injuries

Another common cause of burn injuries is exposure to hot liquids. In many cases, individuals were advised not to shower after experiencing a burn. Others were reported to cover the burns with an absorbent bandage or clothing. Those with Arabia had the highest incidence of secondary infections because they commonly wear the only cotton and did not use any other clothing. Those with severe burns should seek medical attention immediately.

What To Do If Suffering From Minor Thermal Burns?

All persons involved with minor thermal burns should be taken to the emergency room immediately. Elderly individuals are particularly susceptible to second-degree burns that may take several days to heal. Persons with diabetes should seek medical attention immediately because poor circulation and excessive glucose in the system may lead to complications during the healing process.

The majority of the survey respondents (nearly three-quarters) recommended following these common-sense first-aid measures. The most popular aid measures recommended in table 1 are pouring hot water on the affected area, applying ice as soon as possible, and protecting the skin with thick, moist cotton clothing. When the burns are less severe, most people indicated that they would apply petroleum jelly or aloe vera. When the burn injury is greater, respondents recommended bandages, antibiotic ointment, antibacterial lotion, moisturizing creams, and the like.

Final Thoughts

When asked if they thought there is a need to continue traditional remedies for burns and scrapes, a large majority of the participants indicated they favored were continuing the conventional remedies. Most people indicated they want to minimize their dependence on traditional remedies to heal injuries caused by fire and smoke. Furthermore, many indicated that they do not want to give up the benefits of traditional remedies because they are safe and effective.

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