First Aid Kit List For Horses That Will Act As A Savior During Emergencies - First Aid Kit List For Horses That Will Act As A Savior During Emergencies -

First Aid Kit List For Horses That Will Act As A Savior During Emergencies

equine first aid kit list

The craze for horses is buzzing out in the public today. Many horse races are conducted every year with large prize money. Horse riding is also thought to be a great sport for having fun. But these races not only result in a fun activity but also cause many severe injuries to horses. So, you should also always be prepared to tackle any injury anytime while racing or in general, for that you need a comprehensive equine first aid kit list. 

Whenever the horse incurs any injury, you only have to get a first aid kit and use it before the end arrival veterinarian so that the injury does not get worse. You may not be able to give all the luxurious facilities to your horse but you must provide them basic facilities. And the most basic one is their health facility like maintaining an equine first aid kit. 

Types Of Equipment That You Must Include In An Equine First Aid Kit List

Digital Thermometer

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A digital thermometer can tell you instantly that if your horse has an elevated temperature or not. Infect you must make it a habit to check the temperature of your horse weekly. 



It is important to keep a stethoscope in your first aid kit as it will help you to find out some serious health issues in one go. 


A pair of scissors is an essential part of the equine first aid kit list. So, never forget to add it to your kit and make sure you sterilize the scissors before use. You may need it to cut some wounds, Bandages, etc. 

Cotton Pads And Disposable Diapers

For deep wounds and injuries, a pair of cotton pads or disposable diapers must be ready in your kit. 

Wound Cleansers 

Hydrogen peroxide is very useful for cleaning dirt and germs from the wounds, so to avoid the contact of dirt and germs keep a handy wound cleanser with you. 

Antiseptic Creams Or Ointments

Antiseptic creams are used to prevent further infections and also to assure healing. After cleaning the wound you must apply these antiseptics. It is also helpful for skin infections.

Sticking Bandages

Bandages always seem to have many uses in a horse stable, like using it as an instant solution for cuts and wounds. These also prevent the excessive loss of blood if the cut is deep. Different kinds of bandages are available in the market. 

Wire Cutters

Many times horses may get stuck in the wires on the boundaries. At that time these wire cutters can help a lot.

Clean Bucket

A clean bucket must be present in the stable so that at the time of sudden injury you can fill that with clean water and relieve the horse’s pain by rinsing the injured area with water.

Bottle Of Rubbing Alcohol

A small bottle of rubbing alcohol should be a must in the equine first aid kit list. It will help in sterilizing the equipment like scissors, thermometers, etc.

Apart from this, Torch, flashlight, cold pack, towel, etc. are also an important part of the equine first aid kit.


Horses are animals so it does not matter how much you take care of them, there are always chances that your horse will injure itself. So it’s important to put together all the essential medics from an equine first aid kit list so that you can use them easily anytime.

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