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Have A Look At Home Hot Water Burn First Aid Tips

hot water burn first aid

A hot water burn can cause a first-degree or second-degree burn on the skin.

A first-degree burn only causes redness and also heals faster.

A second-degree burn is deeper than a first-degree burn. It results in the formation of blisters. This blister may leak or break after some days and clear the fluid present in it. It may turn infectious sometimes and requires 1-2 weeks for healing properly.

Home Care: Hot Water Burn First Aid

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These instructions will provide you care against boiling water burns:

Place your burn immediately under cold water to minimize the pain. Do not apply ice on the burnt body part because freezing can make your burn worse.

Put a handkerchief soaked in cold water on the affected area to lower the pain.

If there is no formation of a blister, you can apply moisturizers having aloe vera in it.

In case there is formation of blister and break, and bandage applies to it, remember to change it once a day, or as per advice. Remove the bandage with the help of warm water if the bandage sticks to the burn area.

Apply an ointment or antibiotic cream on the burn area after cleaning. This help in prevention of infection and keeps the sticking of bandage.

If it forms the blister, it will break or go down by itself in few days only. If a blister breaks, a fluid will come out from that in one or two days. After the blister breaks, loose skin will appear, which has no feelings, so carefully remove the skin using sanitized, small and sharp scissor. Disinfect the scissor using alcohol first by soaking the scissor or washing it using water and soap. And apply an ointment or antibiotic cream after rinsing it with water. It will protect the burn from infection.

You can take some medicines without having a prescription to control pain. But if you are suffering from chronic liver or kidney disease, consult your healthcare provider before taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Also, take consult with the provider if you have a GI (gastrointestinal) or stomach ulcer. Avoid giving ibuprofen to children below six months of age.

Another hot water burn first aid is, avoid scratching the affected area. Instead, take a prescription for itching.

Take precautions for hot water burn first aid such as

Apply sunscreen

Wear long sleeves while going out in the sun

Wear hat

Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Include more proteins and calories in your diet for rapid healing of the wound. And do not forget to drink a good amount of water.

Conclusion On Hot Water Burn First Aid

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All these hot water burn first aid tips will help you in preventing your skin from severe burns. You can apply these home care remedies when you can’t rush to a doctor and running out of time.

So, to avoid blister formation, burning marks, itching, and pain, apply these home remedies if you don’t want to face major consequences!

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