Red First Aid Boxes - Saving Lives - Red First Aid Boxes - Saving Lives -

Red First Aid Boxes – Saving Lives

red first aid box

Whether you have one that you assemble yourself or buy one ready made, these are easy to assemble, light weight boxes that will provide years of service. The following article provides some very simple, yet helpful guidelines to follow when giving this gift.

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the box you want to purchase. If it is a larger box, like a garage sale item, be sure to leave plenty of space for extra supplies. This box should not only include a tube or nozzle, but also a pair or more gloves. Always be sure that the first aid box you buy has dividers to keep small fingers from getting scratched.

Check To See What Is Inside The Box

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A smaller box may work well if there are only two of you giving the box to a young child. Just be sure to clearly state to the child what is inside and where it came from. You can also help by explaining that it probably came from the hospital and is probably still in good condition.

Next, check to see what is inside the box. Some of the items you will most likely find are ointments and gauze. These can be lifesavers for small cuts and scrapes. There should also be some antibacterial ointment in the box. An ordinary bandage will do for these types of first aid kits.

To Assemble All Of The Items

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The next step in assembling a red first aid box is to assemble all of the items. Depending on the package, you can probably do this by yourself. However, if it is a large package, such as a hospital order, you may need to get assistance. Be sure to pack a bag with sterilized tools and cleaning materials.

The parts of the box that you should care about are the contents. Make sure all of the items fit into the box and label them correctly. This is especially important with ointments and gauze. If you do not have a picture to refer to in order to identify them, write down the brand and the identification number of each item. This way, you can order your items from the same place later on.

Make Sure It Is Tamper Proof

When the box is finished, you should make sure it is tamper proof. Place the box in a location where a child cannot open it and tampering is not likely. It should also be made of a thick layer of foam or cardboard. Anything less may prove to be ineffective.

To ensure that the red first aid box continues to be effective, it should be used frequently. You should make sure to place one in the area where children gather for activities. For example, a school activity may require the presence of a kit at any given time. For parents, the box can be placed in the car trunk. Keep the kit in an accessible location until you need it. It can then be used quickly to assist those who need it most.

The Size Of The Kit Should Be Appropriate

The size of the kit should be appropriate for the age and ability of the user. If the child is able to hold the box, this will make their lives easier while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. At the very least, make sure that there are enough supplies for a short period. You should have enough medicines to cover minor injuries. Most kits contain bandages, antibacterial ointment, tweezers, scissors, sterilized sponges and cotton balls. It may be necessary to make extra copies of the instructions andaminums on hand.

If you have a red first aid box in your home, you will know when a child becomes ill and needs attention. You may have to admit that you had been putting off treating small wounds for too long. It is especially important if you have small children in your home. This simple box can save lives.


When you purchase a red first aid kit, make sure that it contains everything that you think you will need for at least one adult and one child. You do not want to wait until you have more kids before you purchase a kit. Also remember to buy one that has been certified by the Red Cross or other nationally recognized organization. You will want to be sure to always have enough supplies on hand.

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