Steam Burn First Aid And Sterile Gauze - Steam Burn First Aid And Sterile Gauze -

Steam Burn First Aid And Sterile Gauze

steam burn first aid

A good steam burn first aid kit not only helps prevent the skin from constantly feeling the pain associated with this type of burn, but it also aids in the removal and prevention of all the dead, dried skin cells which got burnt by the steam. So, when you are looking for ways to treat steam burn injuries with home remedies, you first need to understand steam burn first aid. This type of burn is easily treated using simple home remedies, or if that is not possible, with over the counter topical creams. First aid kits for this specific condition are readily available at most pharmacies or drug stores.

Wear Apt Clothes

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You should wear loose-fitting clothes during the recovery period as tight clothing can hinder proper healing and can even cause the wounds to become infected. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes and try not to touch the bandage on your burns. If the wound is an open one, cover it with a bandage for protection, but do not leave the bandage on the burn itself for more than 5 minutes. This time will ensure that the bandage has dried and therefore will not further irritate the skin and make the burns worse.

After applying first aid for burns, place a cold wet cloth on the area of the burn to reduce the inflammation. Do not use running water; instead, use cool running water. The cool running water will help to reduce the pain associated with burns, such as the tingling kind. Running water will also prevent your skin from becoming moist. When you are learning how to treat a steam burn, make sure that you follow the guidelines on the packaging.

Logic Behind It

As opposed to scalds, steam burns usually occur due to high temperatures. Therefore, there are some different methods to remedy this type of burn. For example, one of the common remedies for hot liquids is to place ice cubes directly onto the area of the burn. Do not leave the ice directly on the burn for more than 10 minutes; otherwise, the ice may melt and turn into a potentially dangerous pool of hot liquids. Also, always be careful when adding hot liquids to the ice; this could cause the ice to melt and create a scald.

To care for a burn before it becomes too bad, take the following steps. First, make sure that the affected area has been properly cleaned; wash the area with lukewarm water and clean soap. Next, apply an antiseptic cream to the area of the burn for healthy skin. Finally, apply cold water to the burn to bring immediate relief.

Final Tip

To make your steaming treatment even more effective, add about half a cup of vinegar to your bathwater. Adding baking soda also enhances the effectiveness of your burn remedy. When getting ready to go somewhere, take a few sips of apple cider vinegar and mix it with warm water. This will help to relieve your skin’s burning sensation while you enjoy the soothing effects of apple cider vinegar. After your bath, apply a thin layer of baking soda to your face to prevent pores from becoming clogged.

As with all types of burns, one of the best ways to care for steam or boiling water burn is to keep moving. The last thing you want is to get a scald on your body because you were too lazy to move! Moving will prevent your clothes from getting too wet and help to open up your skin’s circulation. Additionally, it will increase the chances of speeding up the healing process so you can get back to enjoying your day.


When your scald is less severe, consider using a bandage on the affected area. Bandages like these can be purchased at a drugstore but most people find that sterile gauze is just as effective. Sterile gauze will prevent bacteria from entering the burn and irritating your skin more. Keep in mind that you should change the bandage daily. If your burned area becomes very inflamed and painful, you may want to consider receiving medical attention as well.

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