Why It Is Important To Have A Universal First Aid Sign

Why It Is Important To Have A Universal First Aid Sign

Why It Is Important To Have A Universal First Aid Sign

First Aid Sign

A first aid sign is a way of communication to express the intent of needing first aid care. First aid care is needed in case of injuries or illnesses. Hence a sign is required for either patient to understand where the first aid equipment can be found or for the first aid caregiver to show they can provide the immediate emergency relief or cure.

Why It Is Important To Have A First Aid Sign?

Why It Is Important To Have A Universal First Aid Sign
Why It Is Important To Have A Universal First Aid Sign

It is learning how to communicate through sign language and then developing these sign languages into meaningful sounds which has helped us develop.

Hence, similarly in case of first aid as well, we need a sign to show that we can use it without having to speak the same language. The importance of the first aid sign is that it is a universal sign and hence it breaks through the language barrier and can be used between two people from different corners of the world.

Other Emergency Uses Of A First Aid Sign

Sometimes patients who have had a bad injury or a serious illness may not be able to talk. Hence, in those cases, it is the first aid sign which can be used as the common point of reference to send the message that medical care or first aid is needed.

Sometimes, when we visit new places, we may not know what harm or emergency or natural disaster may befall us. If we do not know the place, it would be then useful to have a first aid sign which can at least show us directions to either safely evacuate the place or find equipment to survive in the tough conditions.

Different Types of First Aid Signs

They are usually all on a green background with white symbols drawn on it. A few of the most common ones are:

Exit Signs

Why It Is Important To Have A Universal First Aid Sign
Why It Is Important To Have A Universal First Aid Sign

An Exit Sign is a gadget in a public office representing to the area of the crisis exit if there should be an occurrence of fire or other crisis. So it is intended to be unmistakable and reasonable to anybody. Many areas, including the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China, leave signs to have green lighting. Whereas in other areas, red is utilized to show precluded exercises. Also in Canada and United Signs, Exit Signs have green or red lighting, generally red.

Fire Extinguisher Signs

A fire extinguisher is a functioning fire security device used to smother or control little flames, frequently in crisis circumstances. It isn’t planned to be utilized for a crazy fire. A fire extinguisher sign is little and intended to be mounted close to a fire extinguishers so as to cause to notice the quenchers’ area.

Automated External Defibrillator Signs

In September 2008, the International Liaison Committee of Resuscitation issued a ‘universal AED sign’ to be adopted throughout the world. This indicates the presence of an Automated External Defibrillator. Defibrillators are also highly visible and public access defibrillators are often brightly colored. Therefore it can help them stand out in a time of emergency.

First Aid Box Is Situated Signs

These are directional signs showing where the first aid box is located.

Hospital Signs

These are blue signs with a cross. Hence, they are usually located with street signs or on motorways and usually point towards the nearest hospitals.

Why It Is Important To Know All The Signs

All these signs are universal. Thus in the modern-day, people travel from country to country and it is common not to understand every language. Hence these universal languages can save our lives or the lives of fellow humans in foreign countries.

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